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Family Issues

I am committed to preserving the most fundamental social structure of our society, the family.  Here are some of my positions on some current issues:

I will not support the liberal agenda that pushes for allowing men into women’s restrooms just because they “feel” like women.  We must preserve our children’s safety and innocence and not sacrifice it on the altar of the progressive agenda.

I promise to always represent our district as someone who can express himself passionately yet professionally.  Children are taught to hold in high esteem their elders and community leaders, so however disconnected a politician may be from his district, his word choice still matters.  I pledge to honor our youth by effortlessly expressing myself, in private and public, with words and actions which do not model vulgarity or promote profanity.

I am unapologetically pro-life.  I believe human life is worthy of protection from the womb to the grave.  As your next congressman, I will work tirelessly to ensure that children are safe, both inside and outside of the womb.  I support women’s rights and equality in the workplace, but agreeing that a separate living creature is disposable just because it happens to be inside a woman reduces an unborn child from the status of living human to one of parasite, an unthinkable position for me to hold as a devout Christian and fellow human.

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