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Our region has been ignored by our politicians for too long. Too many have gone into government, promising jobs and opportunity, only to become career politicians focused on keeping their own jobs.

No longer.  We need change.

My priorities will be to bring in new projects to District 34, including new infrastructure funds to rebuild some of our most outdated structures, providing jobs in the process.  I will also push for revitalizing the Port of Brownsville to encourage a resurgence of commerce to the region.  For decades developing the untapped potential of the Port of Brownsville has been a distant dream of past politicians.  It is time to stop dreaming.  It is time to work hard to tap the potential which intelligent, hard-working people of South Texas have to make dreams reality.  Instead of being known for corruption and its remarkable poverty, South Texas will finally be recognized for prosperity and the intelligent management of natural and intellectual resources.

Taxes must also be lowered to stimulate new businesses, which will create new jobs and opportunities by bringing factories back to the US.

Burdensome, unnecessary regulations must also be repealed to give businesses the chance to thrive without being choked to death before they even get off the ground.

On trade, I will work to promote the continued partnerships between businesses in South Texas and in Mexico. These critical partnerships give opportunities and jobs to numerous people in the region and should not be jeopardized by Washington politicians.  With Rey, you will have a strong, loud voice speaking for you in Washington.

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