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Washington has given little care to our veterans.  Caring for our veterans is not charity, it is paying a debt owed to them.  Those who have served should not be left abandoned by career politicians.

For that reason, I support reforming the VA, calling out mismanagement, long wait times, and wasteful spending that should be going to our veterans.  In Congress, I will push for real changes for those who have sacrificed so much for their country, proposing real reforms to the VA to make it work for our veterans, not bureaucrats.  These include making the VA leaner through the hiring of better doctors and firing bureaucrats and needless administrators, improved transportation services to facilities, and funding renovations of facilities to meet the needs of veterans.

I would also propose allowing veterans to use their VA card at any medical facility, VA or private, and make sure that the VA properly reimburses the private medical providers so that they will continue to welcome and service our veterans.

In addition, I will propose a “Hire smart. Hire for good. Hire a Veteran.” slogan to be spread far and wide to promote bright economic futures to those who have honorably served our country.

Gun Rights:

Our Second Amendment right is a sacred right, not a political football for politicians to use in campaigns.  I am a proud gun owner.  I encourage the teaching of children at a young age, the proper use and handling of firearms.  Responsible gun owners are an asset to our Republic, not a liability.  In Congress, I will oppose any measure that limits the constitutional right to keep and bear arms and will work to preserve gun rights for law abiding gun owners.


Children must be given every chance to live and every chance to thrive once born. I support school choice because I believe that parents know what is best for their children and should be able to choose what school best serves their educational needs.  Enjoying the opportunity to choose a school should not be a luxury which only the privileged enjoy.  Every child is important.  Every child should be given the tools necessary to succeed.

Because education does not end at grade school, educating our young adults must be focused at preparing them for jobs in our region.  I will work to bring funding from Washington to our schools to encourage technical colleges and universities to train the next generation of skilled workers as well as future doctors and engineers.  Technical colleges must not be ignored.  They play an increasingly important role in creating the workers necessary for the jobs of tomorrow.

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